web design, seo & programming.


We don't do everything, but what we do - we do it well. Our focus - web design, web development and seo solutions. Let our clients tell your our story.




Stand out amongst the rest. We at Nijeves develop websites that aren't just informational, but grab the viewer's attention - with an eye towards where you’re going, not simply where you are.


Web Design

Our bread and butter. The impact a stellar web site design has on results it earns is often overlooked. This focus on true design results in web sites that are finely crafted, consistent and effective. Our unique mix of creative artistry, design & technical capabilities allows the customer to have a web site that not only looks great, but functions well too. We provide these web design solutions with focus on each individual customer - to provide them a solution that best suites their needs.


Website Development

A beautiful house is nothing without a strong foundation holding it up. Same with websites. You have a great design, but now you need to make sure it's built right. Our areas of expertise include HTML, Javascript, Flash and AJAX, along with code that’s true to the original design, cross-browser compatible, quick to load, and easy to maintain.


Website Maintenance

OK, so...you've just launched your new website - now what? Keeping your website updated is extremely important to not only search engines but to potential customers also. We provide ongoing maintenance at a stupid cheap hourly rate and strive to respond to our client's needs as fast as possible.


Quality Assurance

Throughout the development process, we work to ensure your website is stable, bug-free and works across all major browsers and platforms, including mobile devices.



We deliver sophisticated, secure commerce-enabled websites and applications which help our clients to do business online. Whether you're trying to connect with your customers or streamline your business, we can tailor your site to suit your company so that you can concentrate on running your day-to-day business.


Online Video

Create. Integrate. Distribute. You shoot the video, we'll take care of the rest. Nijeves can help you integrate and distribute your videos with industry leading solutions like Youtube & Livestream to custom built solutions using Amazon Cloudfront & JW Player.

Wordpress & CMS

Ever hear of Wordpress? It's not just for blogs anymore. Wordpress is rapidly becoming the largest Content Management System (CMS) tool out there today. Nijeves has extensive knowledge and experience with Wordpress and other content management systems such as Drupal and Joomla. We can help you install, theme and customize these systems to allow you to take control and manage all aspects your website.



Need to accept credit cards online? Nijeves has extensive knowledge and training in Coldfusion & PHP to produce web applications that will take your business to the next level. We have helped to develop a number of complex applications including a dining directory, an online learning management system and dozens of shopping carts enabling online purchasing. Please contact us to see a few of our programming solutions.



People can't find your website on Google? Bummer. But it doesn't haven't to be that way. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a highly diverse and complex process that starts with good, descriptive content. We keep you high on search engine pages, and ensure you are found before the competition.



Analytics are more than just how many "hits" you have. Knowing how they came, how long they stayed and much more helps you tailor your business and website to get the most out of user's visits. Nijeves helps you decipher your analytics to get the most meaningful visits to your business as possible.


Google Adwords

You know those ads you always see on the right side of Google...yea, you know the ones we're talking about. Those are big - as in - critical, to attracting more visits to your website. If you want to take your website to the next level, you absolutely have to utilize Google Adwords. This is where we can help. We can help create Adwords campaigns that will have immediate, tangible results with your business.



Everyone is on Facebook. If your business isn't, it needs to be ASAP. Facebook is an excellent way to make contacts, advertise your products & services and hold events or contests to help get your services out to the public. Nijeves can help you setup ads and guide you to get the most out of the biggest social network in the world.




"It was a pleasure working with the Nijeves team. As any business owner knows when you are ready to start your business and get the word out you want it done as quickly as possible. Nijeves did an excellent job, not only designing the type of site I wanted to portray to my customers but they did it in such a quick turn around time. I would highly recommend Nijeves to any one looking for an affordable, professional and quick turn around time for their website."


April Hannah, Cofounder

Peaceful Minds



"Working with Joe is delightful. He is easy to deal with, knowledgeable, and adaptable. His ideas and follow through are excellent and he strives to understand what the customer wants. I highly recommend his work."


Reisa Mehlman, Director

Living Well Healing Arts Center



Joe has been easy and wonderful to work with.  Though we are in different states, we communicate easily via e-mail regarding my website.  He's helped me design my site as well as updating it as I ask.  Joe works very quickly and makes helpful suggestions for my requests.  I often refer people to Joe and they are also pleased with his work.


Tonya Ladipo

The Ladipo Group



I've been extremely happy with Joe's services.  He's very professional, quite an artist, and very patient.  He's efficient, and gets the work done the way I want.  Joe's not only great at graphic arts and design, but knowledgeable in SEO.  He's honest and affordable.  I'd highly recommend him. 


Kim Romen,

Counseling Phoenix