we make websites. 'nuff said.


Our real superpower is the people we employ: sharp, experienced, and passionate designers and thinkers. Check us out below.


Our Backyard.



Nijeves is located in the breathtaking Catskill Mountains in Upstate NY.


Ni•jeves (nih-jey-veys)


That's our name. We made it up - it doesn't really mean anything, we just like how it sounds.

15+ Years in the biz.


Let's just say we know our stuff. We have over 15 years experience doing graphic and web design. In contrast to other companies, we don't spread ourselves thin promising clients we do everything under the sun - instead, we focus on a few main solutions and aim to perform them remarkably well.


In the web development field, technology is constantly changing - which is why we continue to learn and re-learn as the industry grows so that we can always provide the clients with the best expertise possible.

Save your money.


Since Nijeves is a small group, we're able to keep costs down by being streamlined and efficient. This gives us more one on one time with our clients to move the project ahead quickly and tailored exactly to the clients needs. Pricing is determined on a per project basis but can start as low as $500 for a full featured website with search engine optimization included.


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Our Work

Don't take our word for it - view some of our work and hear from our clients to get a better idea of how nijeves can help your business.



Last, and most important - don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments you might have. We provide all clients a no obligation Free Quote.