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Our Story.

We are WordPress developers, artists, animal lovers, travelers and part time geeks (full time).
We’ve been developing with WordPress and contributing to the community since 2010.

Wordpress & Web Design Services

It’s a magical world, Hobbes, ol’ buddy…Let’s go exploring!


Hi. We’re Nijeves.

We have over 15 years experience doing web design and wordpress development. In contrast to other companies, we don’t spread ourselves thin promising clients we do everything under the sun – instead, we focus on a few main solutions and aim to perform them remarkably well.

Since Nijeves is a small group, we’re able to keep costs down by being streamlined and efficient. This gives us more one on one time with our clients to move the project ahead quickly and tailored exactly to the clients needs.

We provide both project based and hourly based WordPress services. We have extensive expertise in WordPress development from theme customization to plugin customization to Woocommerce integration. Contact us today for help with your project.

Our Work

“It has been a pleasure working with Joe and I highly recommend his work!”


“Nijeves did an excellent job, not only designing the type of site I wanted to portray to my customers but they did it in such a quick turn around time.”


“Working with Joe is delightful. He is easy to deal with, knowledgeable, and adaptable.”


“My company had a very large project for Nijeves. Joe created exactly what we wanted and considering the complexity of the site, was able to have it done for us in a very short time. We highly recommend his services.”


“I have worked with Joe on a few different projects. No matter how big or small, Joe’s experience and expertise have created an opportunity for my websites to be seen by the targeted audience(s). He is easy to work with and is always available, even after the project is complete.”


“Joe was able to take my ideas and create a website that I absolutely love!”

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